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Power Tan

Power Tan Dark Start Seductively Dark Tanning Accelerator (250ml)

A new improved darker tanning formulation for even faster tanning results and enhanced skin hydration. L-Tyrosine for faster tanning results Contains Pycnogenal to fight free radical skin damage...

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Power Tan Super Black Onyx Super Charged Non Tingle (250ml)

Non Tingle

Our most powerful combination of premium ingredients combines to create the ultimate tingle free dark tanning formula. Contains anti-oxidants, vitamins and advanced...

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Power Tan Black Onyx Hot Citrus Tingle Tanning Accelerator. (250ml)

As one of Power Tan's Onyx Collection, Power Tan Black Onyx is unquestionably good. As well as maximizing the UV absorption, it hydrates the skin and keeps it velvety soft post application to help...

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Power Tan Cherry Onyx (Chocolate Cherry Tingle) (250ml)

Power Tan ONYX Power Tan Cherry Onyx (Chocolate Cherry Tingle) 250ML Bottle Tingle Bronzer A maximum hot tingle formulation, fortified with natural high quality bronzers. Contains Unipertan P2002...

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Power Tan Deliciously Dark Diva Streak Free Bronzer (250ml)

A new and truly deliciously dark chocolate infused tanning formula, with premium fast-action and streak-free bronzers. This ultra-smooth super creamy formulation will deliver instant dark...

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Power Tan Maxx Gold Premium Bronzer (250ml)

A fast action super MAXX tanning bronzer for those who want maximum results and want it fast! Like its MaxxBlack stable mate, this super-fast formulation delivers truly unparalleled dark and...

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